About Us
Seyran Armchair in the World
About Us

Seyran Koltuk has started production as a small business in 1984 by its founder Bilal Yaran.

The turning point of a company is the vision and strategies put forward by the management squad. Seyran designated short, medium and long term targets within the frame of transparent, rationalist and principles and continue to be active based on this.

Today, As one of the leader sofa manufacturer of Turkey with our modern service insight and with Professional, well-aducated ,global visioned staff, we would be glad to submit high quality products to the milions of houses and offices worldwide for 36 years.

Seyran, provides accretion value to the country’s economy by producing and generate employment. makes no compromises on the business ethics in all business processes. In production; quality, integrity and consistency are significant.

The most important asset of Seyran is human. It is a human-oriented institution, whose quality is constantly increased, with well-educated, disciplined and hardworking staff, who sees people as an active element on the road to success in the corporate organization pyramid.

In this context, it has gained great respect in the sector as a Company that respects the legal rights of the employees, adopts working in accordance with the legislation and cares about their education and development.

With our “Medical” products that appeal to our elderly and disabled customers, we increase our models of armchair and sofa with mechanical parts that will facilitate their lives of our customers day by day and we aim to raise the standard of life of our customers with new R&D studies.

Seyran which determines the fashion with its product variety, quality and innovative insight proceeds to become a worldwide brand with sales points in 45 countries.